Version: 5.3 || Release Date: 2011-01-01 || License: Shareware (39.95) Developer: Realmac Software | App Owner: daniel

RapidWeaver is an easy to use and very powerful website building application allowing anyone to create and publish professional looking websites in minutes. No knowledge of complex html is required, RapidWeaver takes care of all that for you.

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RW is just worth of using. I never wanted to code by myself. Customers are happy too.

I've been developing websites for many years and just recently decided to look into a template based website creation app to speed up prototyping. I looked at Sandvox, Freeway and RapidWeaver and I think that RW is the most expandable and best presented of the three. Excellent work!

RapidWeaver is a solid app for creating great looking AND highly functional websites. Current version is 4.3 for Snow Leopard.

Rapidweaver it's ok, but code is a little bloated. It's a good software for beginners.

I use this on Tiger, and feel that while they promise support those of us unable, for technical reasons to migrate, they are doing a disservice to the users who bought RW in good faith.

I would expect this sort of decision from the suits of a large company.

If you want brand loyalty, respect your customers especially the ones that assisted you when you needed them by buying the product.

Version 4.0 now available as of 29th May 2008, however it requires 10.5 Leopard. Don't worry Tiger users, version 3.6 will continue to be supported.

Took a little while here to get used to the features, but things will speed up once one has some idea of what the templates could do and how the themes work on them. It's a slight nuisance that the code view is read-only, but one could just pop open an external editor when needed. Live PHP rendering is another plus. Very user-friendly overall.

flash1296 -- maybe <a href="http://www.realmacsoftware.com/support/viewtopic.php?id=19550" target="new">this</a> could help?

My searching for a textbook for using Rapid Weaver have been unavailing.
Am I missing something ?

teddy, that makes me feel better about them. I wonder why they didn't go with a version number of 4.0, though? 3.6 seems a little odd if its a major upgrade.

So ALL previous upgrades, 1.x through 3.5.x, were free? WOW! That's really nice, and very impressive. I'll definitely reconsider buying this upgrade.

Thanks for the info!


1) this is a big update, not a "minor point upgrade."

2) they have NEVER charged for an upgrade before.

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