Version: 0.1.6 || Release Date: 2010-05-24 || License: GPL App Owner: dwm

Cocoa-based musicbrainz tagger with iTunes integration

Bringing music tagging to OS X with a speed and integration like no other app in its field. Built from the ground up with Cocoa and other core OS X technologies, Rapport can quickly and accurately tag your music, keeping your collection organised.

With built-in support for iTunes, Rapport can tag music straight from your iTunes collection and update your library afterwards. Alternatively, have Rapport tag files on your hard drive and automatically rename your tracks when they have been tagged.

Drag your files from the Finder, from iTunes, across your network. It doesn't matter. Rapport supports drag and drop for almost all operations, loading, setting artwork, group track moves, single corrections, you name it.

With its clean and easy to use interface, tagging music on your Mac has never been easier. Yet Rapport has the inner workings to make a very intuitive and powerful application, music data and acoustic fingerprints come via Musicbrainz and automatic artwork downloads are powered by Amazon.

Not happy with the results for your album? Pickup and drag any track and drop it on the correct match, or ask Rapport to lookup your track using built-in acoustic fingerprinting technology. Have the most obscure album in the world? Rapport can lookup albums by Musicbrainz album IDs or you can create your own blank album to manually tag.

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4 Opinions

oh. nm. 10.6 :/

binaries abound at last! http://github.com/daagaak/Rapport/downloads

I wasn't able to build it either; I got this:
Invalid value 'coop.plausible.blocks.compilers.gcc.4_2' for GCC_VERSION
and then about 60-something of these:
"Unable to determine concrete GCC compiler for file..."

been having trouble building this and i get spotty to no response from the developer.. anyone care to offer help?