Version: 1.0.1 || Release Date: 2008-12-01 || License: Shareware ($8) Developer: Philippe Durix & Gabriel Nion | App Owner: bitnix

Simple, integrated RAR file archive & extraction manager.

RarMachine is a powerful RAR archive manager, surely the simplest and most integrated for Mac OS X.
You can use it to compress and extract all Rar files downloaded from the internet or compressed on a PC with the power advantage of your Mac System.


• Power and elegance. No one rar utility combines these two words, RarMachine can Compress any type of file and Extract Rar files in Mac Style.

• No need to be a Terminal expert to use it, every step is automated and user friendly. RarMachine does every thing for you.

• The easiest way to quickly compress and extract rar files using the RarMachine contextual menu.

• Fully integrated with the Finder and available for all types of files. You've never seen this before.

• All Rar tools are now available on RarMachine. For example, you can use a password, create parts of your choice, extract parted Rar files... And more!

• RarMachine fully supports protected archives. You can set a password in the option panel and your rar file is securely encrypted.

• No need to run Windows to create a Rar File! You just launch RarMachine and drag your file on the application to compress it automatically.

System Requirements:

- Mac OS X 10.3 or later.


- English
- French

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5 Opinions

WAS a great app but has recently stopped existing.. Can't find any trace of the developer... No Lion support.... And the last version I have, 2.0, seems to be a real cpu hog compared to other (un)compressors. (try extracting a password protected rar-file and wait to enter password, see cpu going crazy, using like 177% just while waiting :p)
I really liked the simpleness of the user interface and the capability to compress RAR files
Recently came across an app called "Entropy". Very nice app, actively developed, (un)compresses a whole lot of filetypes (like 30), nice ui and a lot cheaper 19$ in stead of 8$+29$rarLicence
Think I'll be switching :)

great app.
It needs a few little tweaks to make it perfect one stop (compress & uncompress tool)
1) password database to draw from when uncompressing
2) removal of rar files after uncompress
3) some type of debug output when it crashes...

This app has some bugs on changing the default app for unarchive rar files. I can't set rar files opened with rarmachine, the setting always fails.

When I use this app on my Tiger computer, it says when installing the rar component "Impossible to extract file". I thought it was a joke until I waited about two minutes.

Just a FYI before purchase of this application:

It should be noted, that you will need to buy a separate RAR license (of which the copyright belongs to Alexander Roshal), if you wish to archive files using this program (or any other program using the RAR compression scheme).

Further info on how to acquire a RAR license (currently priced at $29) can be found here:


As of this writing, the current OS X version of RAR is RAR for Mac OS X 3.80 (direct download link).