Version: 3.2 || Release Date: 2008-11-16 || License: Shareware (12,95) Developer: MOApp | App Owner: hertzchen

Recherche is a all-in-one tool for every researcher.

Browser meets Word-Processor meets Library…

Recherche is a all-in-one tool for researcher (journalist, writer, student, author, …) that is very easy to use, secure and fast. Your data is secure encrypted, you can password-protect it and if needed you can store and run it from a thumb-drive (which can be protected with True Crypt for example).

· enhanced WebKit (its fast - very fast)
· Word \ Character Count
· Export and print your researches
· AutoSave - so you won’t loose your data
· apply Bookmarks and Notes to each Project
· Fullscreen
· Boilerplates for recurring Tasks

I’ve also changed the behavior of the demo version - now your data will be stored permanent - but you can only manage three projects with unlimited notes, bookmarks, text etc…

Recherche is also available as Portable Application - so you can have your data always with you, on a Thumb-Drive, on your Time Capsule or NAS if you need to access it with different Macs et cetera…

My goal was to create a simple, clean application, that works "out of the box" – without the need for a manual. So I really hope you can start working with Recherche without reading the manual :-)

Feedback is very welcome!
I hope you will enjoy Recherche, Michael.

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