Version: 1.9.5 || Release Date: 2014-09-27 || License: Shareware (5.00 USD) Developer: soma-zone | App Owner: somazone

Lock your desktop, take photos and execute custom scripts upon intrusion attempts. Bluetooth-enabled.

RedHand locks your computer. Manually via global hot key, menu bar or dock. Automatically after a period of inactivity (much like a screensaver), depending on the presence of a Bluetooth device, or whenever your computer goes to sleep.

When RedHand locks your computer, it makes sure that you are informed about intrusion attempts. Whenever someone tries to gain access to your computer, RedHand keeps track of it.

You don't have to think about locking your computer. You don't even have to remember your password. Just tell RedHand to look for a specific Bluetooth device. If you leave the room your computer will be locked. As soon as you are back you'll find it unlocked. Unlocking via password still works…just in case your mobile ran out of juice.

With its ability to execute scripts (AppleScript or anything you could launch via command line) RedHand lets you perform any action you want: send an email or play an audio file when an invalid password was entered. Perform maintenance tasks when the computer was locked. Its up to you. The scripts can access the photo taken.

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4 Opinions

great app but in version 1.5 there is a bug withe the screen saver, when in screen saver and then auto start try to unlock and boom everything stops....
also a suggestion y not as a dim option have the screen saver?
also in faq there is no option off posting something and at support there is nothing for this app..

@zacharyotte : I finally found the bug. Another user experiencing the same behaviour helped me to analyse the problem. Version 1.3 contains the fix.

Hi! Interesting observation. I've had not a single bug report regarding this issue. As a regular Skype user I'm really surprised. Which version (RedHand and Skype) do you use?

I do no recommend. As soon as I downloaded it I had problems with my isight. It would not work in skype. Removed redhand and it worked again. Good idea though.