Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2013-06-24 || License: Commercial with demo (Free) Developer: Silvio Rizzi | App Owner: marcus

Google Reader Client.

★ Syncs with Google Reader.
★ Full Readability ( integration (see Preferences → General)
★ Customizable interface (see Preferences → Appearance)
★ Gestures (see Preferences → Gestures)
★ Customizable shortcuts (see Preferences → Shortcuts)

★ Services:
- Send to Instapaper, ReadItLater, Readability
- Save to Pinboard, Delicious, Zootool
- Post to Twitter
- Mail Link
- Open with Instapaper Mobilizer, Google Mobilizer

Please note: A (free) Google Reader account is required to use this app (see

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16 Opinions

I find Reeder to have the best typography of all RSS readers. GUI looks great IMO. What I dislike? Having to depend on Google Reader. I think it is great for syncing purposes but I don't like Google messing even more with user's privacy.

Reeder lets you open the website right inside the reader as well.

first I was really impressed. Then I noticed it uses a lot of memory, compared to Shrook, which I use. Also the subtle colors are not really easy on eyes, you need more concentration in Reeder.
Plus Shrook lets you open the website right inside the reader. Also easier to read in Shrook than in Reeder.
Another advantage of Shrook over Reeder - it's not only for google reader.
so, I'll stick with Shrook for the time being.

Excellent soft! Would love to see some option to search the news. A la Vienna, smart groups.

it fuckin' rocks!

Reeder (1.0 Draft 3) is awesome, simple as that :).

Reeder has already its place in my Dock.
There are a few features that are not working yet. But when will be implemented, this will be a real gem.
NetNewsWire beware!

I have just installed and tried Reeder.
As the description says, Reeder is really a beautiful Google Reader client.
But it is not only beautiful. It just works!
(No... I'm not the developer or related to him in any way.)
Any idea of the price after it comes out of beta?

As a lover of your app on my iPod Touch, I can’t wait to give you more of my money. Seriously - I will give you my house.

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