Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2007-09-04 || License: Freeware Developer: Roger Jolly | App Owner: bitnix

Having trouble getting your regular expressions just right? Not sure what they match and what they leave out. Tired of having to write test programs every time? RegExhibit can help.

RegExhibit shows you what your regular expressions match as you type on a sample text you provide. You can set the colour RegExhibit uses for this, and whether it should underline matches and captures. It also provides full details on successful matches.

As RegExhibit uses Perl to interpret your regular expressions, you get access to one of the most complete regular expression dialects around. RegExhibit will even allow you to use Perl code inside a regular expression.

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5 Opinions

Excellent app for experimenting with regular expressions. I gave it a try when I was trying to parse info out of a website that I needed, and managed to accomplish my goal in about 1/2 hour... instead of hours. The display is perfect for understanding what you're matching, much better than others I've run across.
And you've gotta love the Perl code execution. Perl rules.

So far this software works beautifully. It does just what it needs to do and isn't bloated like every other RegEx software I've tried. I was so fed up that I had to build my own extremely simple ASPX page that does practically the same thing as RegExhibit.

I can finally ditch it in favor of a superior app!

RegExhibit help has a chapter 'RegEx-Overview'?
Hey, thats fine!


so simple, so obvious and so incredibly useful if you do any programming which requires regular expressions.