Remote Buddy

Version: 1.28.4 || Release Date: 2016-08-01 || License: Shareware (24.99 EUR) Developer: IOSPIRIT GmbH | App Owner: iospirit

Remote Buddy allows you to remotely control anything on your Mac with your iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple Remote or Wii Remote. Key features:

  • iPhone and iPod Touch remote control and remote media access support
  • Support for many EyeTV remotes
  • Switch AirTunes / AirPort Express speakers
  • Control your entire with your remote control
  • Virtual on screen keyboard and mouse. Virtual remote control emulating an Apple® Remote.
  • Support for over 100+ apps and system functions already included
  • Smart, dynamic and configurable menu
  • 30 day, feature-unlimited trial version
  • Built-in developer tools

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@ willow:

I guess you don't need any of this then (features ONLY Remote Buddy offers at this point):

- virtual onscreen keyboard
- real Apple Remote emulation (on all Macs)
- presentation tools that highlight the area you want to highlight (instead of hiding it)
- a proper, reliable and absolutely clean fix for the Apple Remote "double press" issue that doesn't cause side effects or even ask you to delete your system files (which we consider an absolute no-go!)
- easy, one click button mapping (instead of diving into XML or AppleScript)
- flexible drag and drop menu configuration with any number of hierarchical levels
- support for almost 100 applications
- support for easily and reliably mapping multiple Apple remotes differently
- direct access to all screen settings parameters
- freedom of choice on how menus should be organized and how buttons should react
- embedded, visual volume and rating controls
- powerful, FAST, built-in iTunes, EyeTV and VIDEO_TS browsers with metadata and covers/previews
- support for using the Apple Remote with many popular Keyspan IR receivers (and their bundled remotes) for Macs that don't ship with one
- easy-to-use online updater that provides quick fixes, adapations and support for new applications and updates to applications
- top-notch iPhone and wide hardware support
- ..

I invite you to have a look at what Remote Buddy actually is and what you can do with it on our website at .. you'll find even more greatly useful features that are exclusive to Remote Buddy there, too.

Felix Schwarz

Apple Remote apps my 2 cents:

OK: Remote Buddy
Good: Mira
Best: Sofa Control (simply the best)

I love this product.... I was able to include control to new programs without complications.

Perfect way to add remote control with bluetooth to a hackintosh which has no built-in ir receiver.

i really love it!

best app ever! i thought i was never going to use that remote, but now i use it for all sorts of things, not just iTunes.
It's a tool that can seriously save you lots of time and clicks!

Five Star!!!! Can't live without one!!

This is awesome! A perfect fit with my Wiimotes!
Trial period is generous too - will buy it soon anyway ))

This is a fantastic little app. I was all set to get Mira but this looks like the better option and cheaper too.

As part of the MacSanta promotion It's only €7.99 until 26th Dec, so be quick! (Just enter "macsanta" in the promo code box)

This is at Preview 6 Now.

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