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Version: 1.28.4 || Release Date: 2016-08-01 || License: Shareware (24.99 EUR) Developer: IOSPIRIT GmbH | App Owner: iospirit

Remote Buddy allows you to remotely control anything on your Mac with your iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple Remote or Wii Remote. Key features:

  • iPhone and iPod Touch remote control and remote media access support
  • Support for many EyeTV remotes
  • Switch AirTunes / AirPort Express speakers
  • Control your entire with your remote control
  • Virtual on screen keyboard and mouse. Virtual remote control emulating an Apple® Remote.
  • Support for over 100+ apps and system functions already included
  • Smart, dynamic and configurable menu
  • 30 day, feature-unlimited trial version
  • Built-in developer tools

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The 'hotkey remote' feature is very useful to control multiple apps with global keyboard shortcuts, eg: Spotify, iTunes,

Also, it makes it easier, as you don't need to use extra apps such as Spotify Menubar.

Its virtual mouse feature allows to control web radio player (and many others) by simulating a mouse click, no need to get to your computer to skip a song. :)

Version 1.16.4 (and some previous ones too) works with Spotify out of the box, nice! :)
Before that, you had to build a 'behaviour' for Spotify manually (which worked well too).

Just want to add some long-due praise.

I use the remote, it pisses me off.
I install Remote Buddy.
I use the remote, it does what I expect.

Thats all. Among the best software I've purchased, free updates for as long as I remember, not a single crash.

@ mantelvaviz:

The Miglia TV Mini is currently not supported by this feature. For information on which EyeTV devices are supported, please see the Remote Buddy Website > EyeTV Remotes.

Best regards,
Felix Schwarz

I don't understand why it doesn't see my eyetv remote in the hardware list, I have miglia tv mini with eyetv 2.5.3 installed and the remote works great with it, but remote buddy doesn't see it

@ jasonology:

Using Remote Buddy with its sensible defaults: zero clicks.

Exchanging the action mapped to a button: one click and selecting the new action of your choice from the popup

Configuring the menu: one drag and drop action per menu item

Flexibility: endless

I'm sorry, but I don't see how this'd be overly complex or how it could further be streamlined below one click or drag and drop operation.

If you have an idea on how to streamline this further, please drop me a mail (I only check by here more or less randomly). I'm always open to new approaches and ideas.

Best regards,
Felix Schwarz

I bought this without trialling when it was on mupromo, based on the reviews. I haven't tried Mira, but I believe Sofa Control has a more elegant interface despite having fewer features.
That is, Remote Buddy has a nice modern GUI, but the interface is confusing. I feel like I need to drink 1L of coffee every time I launch it. Perhaps an easy-setup wizard would help.
Maybe ex-Windows switchers or Germans are used to having complex software.
I am only using it from a Bluetooth phone, but the .hid file provided doesn't let me assign all of my phone's buttons (it's a Sony-Ericsson) so I am limited in the number of functions I can assign.

Your three primary options (that I'm aware of, at least) for controlling your mac remotely are Mira, Sofa Control, and Remote Buddy.

I've tried all 3, and IMO Remote Buddy is far more customizable than Mira and far easier to customize than Sofa Control. Plus there are some features you can't get with the other two, like support for Bluetooth-enabled phones and the Wii remote (which I love, BTW).

There's also a bunch of scripts that come built-in and ready-to-go with RB that make it just that much easier to use. You could mirror the same functionality in the other two, but it would require a bunch of scripting (or, at least, downloading add-on scripts from their website).

With all that being said, RB isn't perfect. The movie library browser for VLC is underdeveloped and the music browser for iTunes is slow and sometimes glitchy (displaying the wrong song info). Also, better support for 480i TV as a secondary display would be nice. And as insanely customizable as the RB on-screen menus are, there are some pretty basic tweaking options that are just... absent (like screen positioning and font size).

But the pros far outweigh the cons (again, IMO). I can't imagine going back to the time before I started using this.

It's excellent. And makes remote more responsive than in plain OS X!

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