Remote Wonder

Version: 2.01 || Release Date: 2006-07-13 || License: Commercial with demo ($50) Developer: ATI Technologies, Inc. | App Owner: bruno

Previous versions of the software already allowed you to customize each and every button on your Remote Wonder, as well as support completely different setups for each of your applications. Version 2 debuts a completely new interface which is sure to simplify and speed up customization for the expert and novice alike. From Undo to Mac OS standard selections and highlighting, everyone will instantly be more at home with their Remote Wonder.

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for those who don't know what a Remote Wonder's a remote control for your Mac manufactured by ATI that uses RF instead of infared. this listing is for the application and driver for the Remote Wonder.

The download link may not work because ATI is using a sub-standard download/support system and might require session cookies.

Disclaimer: I designed this software while working for ATI