Version: 1.10 || Release Date: 2016-02-27 || License: Commercial with demo ($4.99) Developer: Dino Angelov | App Owner: dangelov

A tiny Mac pomodoro app that keeps you rested and at the peak of your productivity throughout the day.

→ "Now it is a great app. Keeping its simplicity, this version solves small flaws and now is perfect. Plus the images are superb." ~ amoyag

→ "Simple but flexible and does the job just right" ~ n4al

→ "Now it's great!" ~ hkyplayr10

Make yourself more rested AND more productive.

Rest is a minimal OS X app that sits in your menubar and reminds you to take a break every now and then. Improve your productivity and keep your eyes healthy.

• Pomodoro support. With custom intervals and an optional longer 4th break, you can now use the Pomodoro time management technique with Rest.

• An unobtrusive, beautiful menubar indicator.

• Beautiful, full-screen break reminders (optional).

NEW! can now suggest exercise ideas for you. Just find the option in the preferences window.

• Pause for a set period of time. Never forget to activate Rest again after watching a movie.

• Make sure you take your breaks. Just tell Rest to prevent you from working during breaks and you'll have to step away from the computer until your break is over. Warning: Apart from restarting your computer, there will be no way to continue working. All your apps will continue to run as normal in the background.

• 12 soothing sounds to pick from - from a decisive gong to a beautiful piano melody.

• Automatic break detection (optional) - step away from your computer to "take your break", even if it's earlier or later than planned. Rest adjusts automatically.

• Notification center support.

  • Note: images available with the full-screen break notifications vary from system to system. The break exercises shown do not constitute medical advice.

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