Rightsizer for Safari

Version: 1.1.1 || Release Date: 2011-02-13 || License: Freeware Developer: Canisbos Computing | App Owner: canisbos

Safari extension to resize text on web pages persistently or temporarily.

Rightsizer Safari Extension is a better replacement for the "zoom text only" feature of Safari. Unlike Safari's built-in text zoom, Rightsizer lets you zoom text in specific areas of a web page, instead of all the text on a page. And it remembers your font size settings for every web site and automatically reapplies them the next time you visit a site.

To use Rightsizer, click some text and keep the mouse button down. While the mouse button is down, press:

  • the A key to make the text bigger,
  • the Z key to make the text smaller,
  • the F key to apply your favorite font and size to the text, or
  • the Q key to reset the text to its original font and size

and then release the mouse button.

If you select some text across multiple elements first, Rightsizer will apply your changes to the parent container of the selected elements.

To save the font sizes for the current web site, right-click anywhere and select Remember Font Sizes For This Site in the context menu. To forget the font sizes for the current web site, right-click anywhere and select Forget Font Sizes For This Site. Or have Rightsizer automatically remember your fonts sizes by enabling the appropriate setting.

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Does anyone know of any equivalent extension for Chrome?