Version: 1.6.6 || Release Date: 2012-09-09 || License: Shareware ($18.99) Developer: RipItApp | App Owner: whizzer

Movies are great, but discs are a pain. RipIt gets your movies off the disc and onto your Mac, where it's easier to find, organize and play them.

RipIt handles ARccOS and RipGuard encoded discs with ease, making it easy to backup your entire collection.

We'd like report that RipIt has just been verified to work with it's 55,000th unique disc! If you put that against the failures that have been reported, our success rate is an unbelievable 99.9996%!

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Soon it will be able to Rip DVD's to mp4 (and other compressed formats)!

Much better than copying the VIDEO_TS Folder... this application allows you to be able to upload any DVD to your mp3/mp4 player!
Available for a discount for limited time at

How is this different or better than using Fairmount (and VLC, both open-source) and simply copying the video_ts folder?

Ripit is great! An excellent App from an excellent Aussie developer! Keep up the great work.

So much better than MacTheRipper. Simple, works. Buy it!

Love it. Works even better than Mactheripper. Highly recommended.

RipIt is a decrypter and should not be confused with Handbrake. It competes with MacTheRipper. You can use Handbrake on the 'ripped' dvd. Excellent program with responsive support.

How is this better than Handbrake?

This looks like a great, promising DVD ripper. Insert disc, click "Rip". Done. Well made!

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