Version: 1.6.1 || Release Date: 2013-02-07 || License: Shareware ($19) Developer: roobasoft, LLC | App Owner: brianc

Create different copies of almost any applications data.

rooSwitch exists to make it easy for you to create different profiles of almost any applications data. You then switch amongst the profiles to activate the data you wish to use. It's like a multi-user environment for just one application.

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Love it, very stable, great developer. Watch the Screencasts on his site to see how it works.

Lite version is here:

It's straightforward to use and very handy for power mac users and developers who could use multiple profiles for their apps.

It's a really handy app - it does it job really great and upcoming 1.2 should make life of people working on many Macs much more easier than before

Keep an eye on this baby!

Love it, love it, love it. Handy for comparing programs (developing them), and for gaming (easy to make multiple save files for programs that only support 1!).

I haven't tried the free Lite version, but this one rocks. Definitely worth the MacZOT purchase ;)

I have found this app quite useful.

It's great for anyone who wants multiple program profiles & data.

Example: Two iPhoto Libraries (and settings) - One for work, and one for home.

It is also the answer for those who want to publish one of their iWeb sites to folder, without having to publish all of them.

Interesting idea, but not quite ready for prime time. Wait a bit.