Version: 1.0.5 || Release Date: 2014-04-19 || License: Commercial with demo ($4.99) Developer: Krystof Vasa | App Owner: charliemonroe

All movies you've seen, owned, wanted to see. In one place.

Dozens of movies come out every month. Some you like, some you don't.

In any case, you may want to keep track of the movies you've seen, rate them and write notes about them.

Huh? Maybe mark them as favorite so that you remember to recommend them to friends?

Or some friend recommends you a movie and you want to remember to watch it?

This is where Rottenwood comes in handy.

It lets you easily make a collection of all movies you've seen, lets you mark them as favorite, or just as 'want to see'.

All in a pretty interface with advanced search features.

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