Version: 0.9.23 || Release Date: 2009-12-07 || License: Freeware Developer: Frank Blechschmitt Informatik Services (FBIS) | App Owner: ede

Simple but effective RapidShare uploader

RSUploaderX is the only GUI RapidShare uploader available for OS X. It is a simple but effective little app. In the main window you can queue uploads and view upload status with a progress bar. When the upload(s) is complete, it returns the RapidShare link(s). Works with premium, collector, and free accounts.

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3 Opinions

Why oh why cant programmers stop assuming we are all on Leopard with a 1Tbyte down load speed?

Why oh why cant they state the lowest release and size in the description to save having to go to the home page to find out?

Hmm... If it sends a web crawler into their site and downloads fast premium with out an account i'm in.

Sweet App. Really like it.