Version: 060717 || Release Date: 2007-04-17 || License: Freeware Developer: | App Owner: r3dno4h

The Rubisco is a plugin-module for InputManager to provide you some functions to control Cocoa-application windows. Now, the Rubisco has thease major 4 functions:

(1) Rubisco provide you to way of moving or resizing application-windows by using keyboard.

(2) By power of Rubisco, you can fold, spread any application-windows, and you can make a window transparancy if you need.

(3) In an application, the Ruubisco can remember position and size of all windows, and you can revert them wheneber you want to.

(4) The Rubisco can set 'Markup-window' in an application. If you think to view it, you can use command named 'View markup-window'.

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4 Opinions

This looks really cool, but the English page has disappeared.

This is actually pretty cool. I like the folding windows. I'll keep my eye on this for sure.

Oh. I fixed link

download doesn't work.