Version: 3.1 || Release Date: 2010-12-01 || License: Shareware ($39.99) App Owner: mspoettl

rubiTrack is an activity tracking and exercise journal software for the Mac. Whether you are running, cycling, swimming, hiking, lifting weights or doing yoga, rubiTrack is there for you!

rubiTrack reads tracks from GPS enabled fitness devices like the Garmin Forerunner and Edge, GPSs like fēnix or Colorado, Suunto Ambit and T6 and many many more.

rubiTrack displays your activities on a map and in a chart. You can organize activities, compare them visually, analyze data like heart rate, speed, pace and more.

rubiTrack tracks your training achievements and best marks over time. You can plan events, monitor your weight, fitness and health and manage your equipment.

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8 Opinions

keeps getting better, with equipment tracking and a robust companion iphone app

v. true - thanks marcus for all your hard work and responsiveness to users - it has now replaced Ascent, Garmin Training Center and a spreadsheet for all my logging needs

@deef : rubiTrack supports weather update, supports lap views and a lot more has changes since you reviewed it 14 months ago.

Still it shares some of Ascent's shortcomings - no automatic elevation correction, no automatic lookup of weather - both of which are available on motionbased. I will wait until MB switches over to Garmin connect (Nov 08 or so) and see what it offers, then reconsider. is possible to get lap data, but only by selecting on the map. Laps don't show on the graph. And if you do an out-and-back route, selecting on the map will sometimes inadvertently select the out-and-back rather than the segment....but still looks promising.

It's definitely much better looking than Ascent, which really looks ugly after using this for a few minutes. But it lacks the ability to get average HR for a lap and average pace for a lap (or an arbitrarily defined duration for that matter) which are essential features (which Ascent has) if you're going any kind of interval training. An app to watch, but not suitable for serious athletes at this point.

In terms of thoughtful design, usability and enjoyment, this app is miles ahead of TrailRunner and Ascent. It made the best first impression of any app I've used before, and is more flexible for reporting by activity/date/distance etc. It's early days, and there are quite a few improvements to be made, but this seems destined to be the app of choice for GPS-using athletes.

Since it's not mentioned anywhere else, I'll note that the trial version is limited to saving only 5 activities, so don't import all your old data, spend time annotating it, and then take a week to think about whether or not to buy.

This is a great app for runners. Great statistics features. Beautiful UI. Easy import from gps devices.