Version: 2010 || Release Date: 2010-04-10 || License: BSD License Developer: Rudá Moura | App Owner: ruda

Rudix is a world class collection of pre-compiled and ready to use Unix compatible software which are not available from a fresh installation of Mac OS X but are popular among other Unix environments (Linux and BSDs).

It' a collection of utilities, programming languages, libraries and tools delivered as standard Mac OS X packages.

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2 Opinions

I haven't used it extensively, but Rudix rescued me from package management hell with a working install of 'gettext'. I tried half a dozen different sets of install instructions, including MacPorts and Fink, and ran into trouble with all of them. With Rudix, I just downloaded a standard .pkg file, ran it, and had a working install. Smooth and easy.

Tried two packages: wget & lame, both failed to install: installer error.