Version: 0.5.6 || Release Date: 2010-11-15 || License: Freeware Developer: SABnzbd | App Owner: egordin

SABnzbd is a free/open-source cross-platform binary newsreader written in Python.
It simplifies the process of downloading from Usenet dramatically, thanks to its friendly web-based user interface and advanced built-in post-processing options that automatically verify, repair, extract and clean up posts downloaded from Usenet. SABnzbd also has a fully customizable user interface, and offers a complete API for third-party applications to hook into.

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Can cache articles in memory to reduce disk access: if you set the cache size to the size of the articles (or more), SABnzbd only writes once to the disk, when the article is complete.

Not sure what to do about this, but the place to get an OSX version of this app is now the official sourceforge page at

This is the best, and most stable version ever. With an ability to strip nzb files from an RSS feed, then categorise them.

An iPhone comptible interface, integration with this is the best binary downloader bar none.

I find it's far more useful now than it was earlier, especially once you get nzbdstatus for FireFox (or the greasemonkey script) and for OSX, . the desktop GUI there is glitchy, but for what it does do, without a browser, it's fantastic.

There is definitely a lack of documentation, but as with all the best things a little bit of effort is all thats needed.

Yes it uses backup servers, it calls them fill servers it is simply a checkbox on the config page.

By far the best Usenet tool for the mac, topping Unison, if not through ease of use, but by simply unpacking the files for you after download - an invaluable function.

There's not much documentation for this app (or the original sabnzb)...
Does it support priority levels for servers? Ie: if file not found in primary server, use backup server. The backup server could for instance be a free server with a quota, used to fill the missing parts.
Note: the forum on sourceforge could contain that information, but searching through thousands of messages is a bit long. :)

This app freeze for me on startup

Go with the already pre-packaged universal binary (instead of installing it with the above instructions)

It has the nova theme wrapped into the package... hot.

Finally, an easy way to install SABnzb on the Mac! Thank you :)

This destroys any other binary news reader out there for its ability to download, fix and unpack your binaries.

Save your .nzb files to the blackhole directory or use a greesemonkey script to get one click downloads at

although i don't utilize usenet too much (like once in a blue moon to snag the occasional phish show) this seems like a pretty neat idea and although i have osxnews, i have only had to use it once and it was pretty buggy, also osxnews hasn't seen much development in a while. so, this looks like something i would definitely consider switching too, especially if osxnews' development comes to a complete halt.

Get the nova theme: