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Browsing made beautiful. And smart.

Before Safari, browsers were an afterthought. Something you put up with if you wanted to surf the internet. One browser looked and felt just like another, so you chose the one that worked the best and crashed the least. They were ugly, cluttered affairs, whose interfaces competed for your attention and made browsing — the very purpose for which they were created — more difficult. Safari changes all that.

Safari is designed to emphasize the browsing, not the browser. The browser frame is a single pixel wide. You see a scroll bar only when needed. By default, there’s no status bar. Instead, a progress gear turns as your page loads. And if you so choose, you can hide almost the entire interface, removing virtually every distraction from the browser window. A great browser should get out of your way and let you simply enjoy the web. Safari does just that. And it does it regardless of platform.

The first browser to deliver the “real” internet to a mobile device, Safari renders pages on iPhone and iPod touch just as you see them on your computer. But this is more than just a scaled down mobile-version of the original. It takes advantage of the technologies built into these multi-touch devices. The page shifts and reformats to fill the window when you turn it on its side. You zoom in just by pinching and extending your fingers. Of course, no matter how you access it, Safari is always blazing fast and easy-to-use.

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After I have installed Safari 3.0b, a few Dashboard widgets do not work anymore. It happened with IP Locator, Amazon Art and Dicionário (a Portuguese language dictionary). And other users have been reporting this problem with more widgets.
The Unofficial Apple Weblog has a post about this subject. You may read it here:

Finally Safari warns you that you're closing more than one tab when you quit accidentally! Minor change but it is incredibly useful.

As with all updates of expandable applications, be aware of Safari 3.0b might be incompatible to previously installed 3rd party software (input managers, SIMBL bundles, etc.). In my case SafariStand (2.0b16) prevented Safari 3.0b from loading any website at all. Also I couldn't close Safari's windows because Taboo.bundle was installed.

Although the new Safari features are quite useful I'm pretty used to Stand's features and switched back to Safari 2.0.4 now, waiting for my 3rd party extensions to be updated as well (which I think is similar to FF users regarding their desired extensions).

Some people stated after trying and finally uninstalling 3.0b their previous installed Safari 2.x was gone. I can't second this. However I packed Safari 2.0.4 into a .zip archive before installing the 3.0b., my old was still in tha application folder. I dunno if that's the reason why I found 2.0.4 again after I did uninstall the beta?

After I have installed this new version 3.0b of Safari, a few Dashboard widgets do not work: IP Locator, Amazon Art and Dicionário (a Portuguese language dictionary).
Coincidence? Hmmm... I'm not so sure.
Anybody's able to explain this?

Safari fans can get some useful plugins and apps at
I prefer Camino; for extensions, themes, applications, etc see

The memory leak is fixed in the nightlies.

Safari is my favorite browser but the HUGE memory leak problems spoil it. Why don't they fix it? Everyday Safari reduces my machine to a crwl using gigs of virtual memory and hundreds of megabytes of real memory. You constantly have to quit it in order to free up resources.

webkit is a requirement, imho. every since using the nightly builds a la webshift, adding type to search via fiwt, using sogudi to easily search multiple search engines, and taking advantage of thumbnail tabs from safaristand, i've been really happy. i finally got rid of firefox today.

I use Safari for 99% of my browsing, but its memory-leak problems annoy me mightily. I have to Quit it once a day at least to reclaim hundreds of megs of RAM that it latches onto. If I don't do that, my PowerBook and Mac Mini start swapping to death. But it's a good browser.

I have just discovered Safari after years and years of using Netscape, then Mozilla then Firefox and I must say I'm very happy with it. Safari is a great browser.

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