Safari AdBlocker

Version: || Release Date: 2011-01-22 || License: Freeware Developer: Russell Gray | App Owner: roland21

Safari AdBlocker is the only 64-bit ad blocker built for Mac OS X 10.5+ to integrate directly into Safari, for minimum disruption to your browsing experience

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5 Opinions

I tried ALL adblockers in the market. This one in my opinion is nice because you have the 64bit support and like many others, use the easyList subscription.

What I don't liked: Even if you don't notice, this plugin decrease Safari's stability and (launch) performance.

For advanced users GlimmerBlocker is the best by far. If you don't want to touch anything, Safari AdBlocker is the best option.

@matthew23 Click on the Download-Text below the AppName above. Where is the problem?

@bitnix Safari AdBlock does not work in 64bit-mode and gave me some trouble under 10.6. Safari AdBlocker is built upon the branch of SafariBlocker (which is no longer under development) and resolves all those issues. Enjoy!

Good, Snow Leopard compatible, 64bit.

I currently have Safari AdBlock, installed. How is this better/different?

how do you download this?