Version: 4.0SL170 || Release Date: 2009-09-24 || License: Freeware App Owner: jelsas

safari extension that enables site-specific modification, bookmark & history searching, tab thumbnails & LOTS more

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I can state the problem more concretely now: the site alteration settings do not stick for the first tab opened during a session. Does anyone know where bugs can be reported for this plugin?

The site alteration plugin is flakey in Snow Leopard for certain kinds of sites. I have specified a minimum font size for Gmail and Google Reader -- it works when I initially open the page, but if I view another page in a new tab and then return to the Gmail/Reader tab the font-size setting is lost and returns only when I reload the page.

@jamesbrown ,

I know using command + click will open in new tab (I always use it) but sometimes I click a link and instead of using the SAME window, Safari opens a new one.

How to force Safari to ALWAYS open in new tab; Go in terminal and type:
defaults write TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true

Change "true" to "false" to change it back.
Now what I need is something to close download window after download completes.

@miknos to continue from what @zo219 said holding ⌘ and clicking a link opens a link in a new tab in the same window (without moving focus to the new tab), holding ⌘ and ⇧ when clicking a link opens a link in a new tab in the same window (and moves focus to the new tab), ⌥ and ⌘ when clicking a link opens a link in a new window behind the current window, and ⌥ when clicking on a link downloads the linked file.

I use only Copy Title/URL and type ahead search but I desperately need both....please update for Snow Leopard!!

BASIC functions Safari should have:
- Open in new tab instead of new window.
- Close download tab after X seconds.

The rest of SafariStand features I don't use at all.

I hope a Snow Leopard compatible comes out soon.

SafariStand and Glims both have session (or tabs) restore, neither SafariStand nor SMBLare crashing your computer, Command-Click opens new links in tabs, the best cookie manager is CocoaCookies. Trust me on all of this.

Anyone knows of something that offers the keyword shortcut functions WITHOUT depending on SIMBL (which hasn't been updated since October 2007 and crashes under Safari 3.2.1)?

I love it for giving me a visual web history. Did figure that out myself, it on - great site btw.

Does anyone know how to uninstall Safaristand?!?

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