Version: 1.6 || Release Date: 2007-03-11 || License: Freeware Developer: | App Owner: vercilld

safeThis! The quick effective solution for creating customized Encrypted Disk Images! Have all your sensitive data stored in encrypted disk images... safeThis uses the AES 128Bit encryption engine that is implemented in Mac OS Xâ„¢ NEW! Added option for deleting folders and files using the Peter Gutmann's 35pass algorithm! Can also be used to create encrypted Images of folders!

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Try dryptAway, same developer, has drag-and-drop option for creating encrypted disk images. Shareware though. Info

A nice app/wrapper for hdiutil with potential. There is a checkbox to skip encryption. Be aware 1.5 has no drag-and-drop, nor does it remember your last preferences. The minimum disk image size for creating empty and/or non-encrypted is 550kb. Creating one out of a folder with Command-F makes it to-fit, and can only be encrypted.