Salling Clicker

Version: 3.5 || Release Date: 2007-05-10 || License: Commercial with demo (23.95) App Owner: craftyshrew

Control your OS x applications using your Bluetooth enabled cell phone. Control presentations, iTunes, and other system preferences and applications.

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Growl support can be added with the example script provided in the growl dmg.
(Strangely, these scripts are in the .7.6 dmg, but missing from the 1.1.2 dmg.)

This can be useful, to have a sticky notification of an incoming call for instance.

Bought it back when it cost about $10. Great value.

Agent Smith - Some Sony Ericsson's have built in remote features. For those who don't have them - this app is useful

Salling Clicker is worth every penny and is fully Applescriptable.


OS X has basic remote control by BT devices now but it still doesn't allow me to dynamically interact with iTunes over WIFI and via my PDA (search for artists, etc) or show album art, etc. Salling Clicker is much more powerful than some hotkeys for basic control of OS X.

Excellent software.

I don't use this program becuase it costs too much money given that OSX does most of the features for free. See my blog for instructions on how to get the same features this provides for free.