Version: 2.1 || Release Date: 2011-07-12 || License: Commercial with demo ($77) Developer: Karelia Software | App Owner: karelia

Sandvox: Quickly and easily make a website that gets you noticed.

Sandvox is the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to create a great-looking website in no time at all. Use Sandvox's drag and drop interface to quickly add content to your site and watch your site grow as you go. When you're done, you can effortlessly upload your site to the server of your choice with no hassle at all. With Sandvox, you can easily keep in touch with friends and family or customers and clients and give yourself a professional internet presence while doing so.

Sandvox's key features include:
  • Live, rich text editing - no "preview" necessary
  • Drag-and-drop website assembly
  • Fifty stylish designs, many with customizable banners
  • Innovative Pagelets that allow micro-content on your pages
  • Ability to publish weblogs, podcasts, and photocasts on any provider or on your own Mac
All licensed users of Sandvox get to use these "pro" level features:
  • advanced HTML editing
  • Google Webmaster tools
  • a Code Injection panel for custom HTML/JavaScript/PHP

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19 Opinions

Tried almost all wysiwyg editors and found Sandvox clearly best for my purposes. Simple , easy and fast.

Sandvox is truly remarkable, and what’s more there’s unlimited time to play with the software before any money exchanges hands. Incredible value for money and a truly professional company who responds promptly to every email I send. Thanks also to the people at Sandvox for recommending ‘A2Hosting’. I was so nervous when the moment came to send the files. As a novice, it was hard to believe that the site would go up without a hitch, but it did. Do check it out:

I was especially pleased about the many video clips that I’ve uploaded. They are very fast and the quality superb. To tweak any part of my site is so easy as well. It takes seconds to upload the changes and it’s becoming rather addictive - I can’t stop tinkering with the web pages! Pathetic eh?

I made the switch to Sandvox after I upgraded RapidWeaver and lost two websites due to all of the bugs! Not quite as powerful as RW, but much more reliable, and still creates slick, professional-looking websites. I now use this for my church and school websites-it does everything I need and more. Great for beginners or the experienced webmaster.

Too many times designers forgot what good websites are all about. It isn't about flashiness or expensive graphic design. It's about putting the information the customer wants coherently in front of them. Sandvox gets you there fast. I used Sandvox pro to redo our simple website/online catalog (the ecommerce portion is in ProductCart). It works well, lives nicely on my .asp server, and gets the job done quickly --important because my primary role is not designing websites.

I have struggled with iWeb for a while when trying to do a little bit more with a website. Recently, when putting a site together for our Church I found the range of designs and options a bit limited. Also, with the Church already having a hosting agreement, trying to convince iWeb to upload to their host was impossible.

I tried out Sandvox and found that the range of designs was a lot better, that it was just as easy, if not easier, to create and maintain the site and uploading to virtually any host was a breeze.

Particularly nice was the little extras with Google, where you can link up with the Site Maps, analytics etc.

Sandvox is very easy to use and can produce excellent results. It's not just for the uninitiated when it comes to web development either, you can get in and edit the raw HTML if you want. I found I had to in order to put a table in to the text, but I am sure this is the sort of thing they will add in the future.

This is one of the slickest web site creation apps I have seen. It is well designed and some easy as heck GUI. I have Rapidweaver, and although it has more features and customization tools, you just cant beat the simplicity of Sandvox. I am really considering buying this app. What a great way to get a basic site up and running in no time.

In my opinion Sandvox is the tool to setup webpages which shall look good but where you
don't want to fiddle with the nitty gritty details like CSS and pixel-precise image placement.

The construction of web sites is simple and intuitive, it took me only some minutes to prepare
and upload my first site with a nice gallery!

The Tech Support is excellent, the removal of bugs is fast!

I agree. RapidWeaver is what iWeb should have been, and is more useful for most webmasters than any of the "pro" web design software.

If you're looking for a little more power, you should check out RapidWeaver:

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