Version: 2.1 || Release Date: 2011-07-12 || License: Commercial with demo ($77) Developer: Karelia Software | App Owner: karelia

Sandvox: Quickly and easily make a website that gets you noticed.

Sandvox is the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to create a great-looking website in no time at all. Use Sandvox's drag and drop interface to quickly add content to your site and watch your site grow as you go. When you're done, you can effortlessly upload your site to the server of your choice with no hassle at all. With Sandvox, you can easily keep in touch with friends and family or customers and clients and give yourself a professional internet presence while doing so.

Sandvox's key features include:
  • Live, rich text editing - no "preview" necessary
  • Drag-and-drop website assembly
  • Fifty stylish designs, many with customizable banners
  • Innovative Pagelets that allow micro-content on your pages
  • Ability to publish weblogs, podcasts, and photocasts on any provider or on your own Mac
All licensed users of Sandvox get to use these "pro" level features:
  • advanced HTML editing
  • Google Webmaster tools
  • a Code Injection panel for custom HTML/JavaScript/PHP

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19 Opinions

Sandvox is exactly what I needed. I came from an IWeb background and was extremely worried on hearing that IWeb was going to be discontinued. But Sandvox came to the rescue! Amazingly, each upgrade gives me something new I can use immediately. I'm determined to keep 100% control of my sites and Sandvox is allowing me to do this.

Working with Sandvox went very smoothly and quickly, absolutely perfect. I have my site ready now, I ran a demo version for some time, and your crew really helped me out well when I had questions or done something stupid;-).

What made me decide to buy Sandvox is that I expect Apple to discontinue iWeb in the near future and the way Sandvox works. It's ever so easy to build a good looking site with Sandvox, just like iWeb that I was used to, for the last 4 years. How I knew about Sandvox was through the Apple forum, iWeb thread. I also downloaded a demo version of another company, but I didn't like it as much as Sandvox. I feel at home with Sandvox, just like I did iWeb.

Thank you all your help, you have a great team ! And thank you for Sandvox.

Sandvox gives superb results and is so simple to use. What more could you want?

I used Sandvox to code my site at Watching Europa and couldn't be happier. I've coded sites by hand before, and also made a couple off Wordpress and I found Sandvox to be the fastest and most convenient system I've found to date. Plus, now that I have the site up, I can go in and tinker to my heart's content. Great stuff, highly recommend. Oh, also, great support!

Sandvox gets the job done easily and with simplicity. And you can get somebody to help when/if problems set in - the few times I've had problems, Karelia has always answered my emails in a day. I have a couple of sites to maintain in my spare time, and I've found that since I switched to Sandvox, the maintenance is no longer the chore it used to be. I think even the real experts would benefit by using Sandvox on all but the really complex sites

This is the software I settled on after coding sites manually for years and using iWeb. This for me was a perfect balance and most importantly supported nesting (collections) of pages as well as Google integration.

I've found Sandvox to be simple but not simplistic. It gives the average user the tools they need to get their content out while gaining confidence in Sandvox's capabilities. Under the intuitive interface and logical workflow, lie sufficient power and complexity to tackle most sites dreamed up by Joe Public. Sandvox gets you going without a steep learning curve or technical obstacles. I'm very happy and productive with Sandvox Pro.

I bought SandVox about five weeks ago. I was amazed at how easy SandVox was to use, once I got into it. I was even more amazed at how easy SandVox makes editing, adding to, and improving my web site. Most of all I was impressed with the wide variety of templates that SandVox offers. I chose Smooth Dark for a photography showcase website and the final effect is very nice, the photos just pop out on the screen. SandVox is well worth the price. Of course this program is not for those who develop web sites for a living. It is, however, an excellent program for the rest of us.

SandVox is what iWeb should have been and is an awesome tool to set up websites for novices and prosumers. I've used it to maintain my teaching site from the first release version of SV. The app has improved with every release, and makes great looking sites. Although RW has more functionality, you need to buy plugins to get that - which add up in cost.

I've found SV to be more than robust for my needs - give it a try.

I love Sandvox. I use it for all but one of my websites, I get great looking results that do exactly what I need the sites to do with the least amount of time and trouble. I've tried the rest, Sandvox is the best.

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