Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2007-12-12 || License: Shareware ($25,95) Developer: Donelleschi | App Owner: nord

Mouse-gesture activated launcher that predicts the applications you will need

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Snow Leopard compatibilty broken for now 21 months — just unusable... look like this project is dead!

Its been 5 months now. Still no update, and no responses from emails. I would officially claim this app DEAD.

Disgusting. You can actually see my progression from love of this app, to pure hatred of the developers in this string of comments. I thought so highly of the dev, but now they're an ass. I will keep using this program though until I am forced to upgrade to leopard. Thats how powerful and good this app is. I'll hold on to it to the bitter end.

I have to say that not having a Snow Leopard version is a bad for the developer's userbase. I'm thinking of moving away from it in favor of other software.

Very unprofessional developer..I have sent many unanswered emails for an update for Snow Leopard...but NO ANSWER.... This is really a shame

I used and loved this app, but now that it's been literally crippled in Snow Leopard and the developer seems to be making absolutely no efforts to fix the problem (they have ignored my last several emails, for example), I have to say stay away from this software. It has a lot of potential but it simply does not work on Snow Leopard and the lack of response or effort on the developer's part is disturbing. Truly a shame.

They sure are taking their sweet ass time to come up with a snow leopard compatible version. Way to shit on your user base. Once you have hundreds of people using it in their work flow, you don't update it and leave those hundreds stranded. At least let us know something's actually happening and that you're actually making progress on it besides a little blurb at the bottom of your page saying "we're working on it".

By far the best software I ever bought. This should be a part of OS X. I hope Apple buys this software as it's truly remarkable.

In comparison with other launchers(quicksilver, lanuchbar, spotlight...), this one exactly does what it is design for: sapiens just launches applications, nothing more. And this is why I love it so much.

Only one little issue: on launching sapiens, you can't type application name until the starting animation has finished. Should be fix in next releases!

It's great app for heavy mouse users. It can get a little quirky at times, opening up the user interface when it's not supposed to, but by and large it's a great way to get rid of apps on your dock and just use the Sapien launcher.

I LOVE THIS APP. It is one of the best apps out their for app management. I have a trackpad, but the gestures are easy once you turn up the sensitivity. It has made my dock just an antique sitting on the bottom of my computer screen.

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