Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2007-12-12 || License: Shareware ($25,95) Developer: Donelleschi | App Owner: nord

Mouse-gesture activated launcher that predicts the applications you will need

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absolutely incredible. I'm a person who hates paying for apps and loves to pirate, but even this app I had to buy. In less than a week, I bought it up. It was that useful to me. I don't have a dock anymore... I have this. The science behind it is also really interesting with its use of kinesthetic memory. I'm now in my 8th month using this program, and it has me figured out better than I know myself. It not only brings up the apps I want, but depending on which app i'm currently in, it knows what apps I usually move over to, for example I use photoshop, and i usually move over to firefox and switch between the two a lot. I'm in photoshop, open up sapiens, there's firefox ready and waiting for me, and visa versa. Its an incredible little app.

I love this !!!
"Dock?" what is that?

After a week of use I have purchased this app. It has very nearly replaced my dock. The mouse gesture has taken a little getting used to. I keep quicksilver around for searching and for the less used apps that Sapiens doesn't pull up. It is actually right on and even pops up already running apps when I want to reopen them.

This app is the next step for the modern managment of your mac. It helps you to find your app with innovative method. Very interesting! You must use it for 2/4 days for the real benefict, so please have patience :)
Tech note: with the Mighty mouse this App works well, I've tested it also with Microsoft mouse..

Wow. This is very cool. So far it has been right on. The mouse gestures are a little difficult on my trackpad but I like it.

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