Version: 3.8.12 || Release Date: 2011-08-21 || License: Shareware (19.99) Developer: Bit Per Second | App Owner: blowfish2

sArchiver is a must have award winning archiver for Mac.
It supports all common archive types like:
rar, zip, 7z, Arj, LHA, tar, tar.gz (tgz), bzip2 (bz2)

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@preller , it was for sure. but the new GUI is so clean and fresh! i love this archiver

that GUI is a joke, right?

Well it's not quite like that. sArchiver has complete RAR support (compress, decompress, split to volumes and comments). Integrated DMG image creation utility. Integrated archive converter and lot other features that can make you really happy. Give it a try, you gonna love it I promise. :)

Not sure where to begin on the free ones....the Unarchiver and Keka do the same for free.