Version: 3.1.1 || Release Date: 2008-07-12 || License: Freeware Developer: MOApp | Michael | App Owner: hertzchen

Store and manage often used code snippets.
Schnippselchen supports syntax highlighting for many languages and you can add your own definitions. Because Schnippselchen is a portable application you can run it from every thumbdrive, every extern harddisk and even from a netdrive or your iDisk, so you have got access to your code independent from your own Mac. Schnippselchen is freeware.

You can choose between a normal and a portable Version and there is also a version for Tiger available…

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With risk for repetition. Here's my last try to "persuade" the developer:

Sorry if I sounded pesky in my last comment. But I still think that an english name would make more sense to a larger audience...

For instance, I'm a Quicksilver user, and each time I try to remember the name of this (otherwise awesome app), I fail miserably. Chipsellen?... no. Snipshells?... nope... and so on, so forth. :(

Since there are english program descriptions on the applications' website, why not also <b>name>/b> the apps into something more comprehensible by the larger majority of your user base, which I'm sure, are in fact english speakers.

Just my humble 2 cents. And I hope you don't take my advice as offensive. It's just something that I strongly believe, that, if you necessarily want to name an app in your own mothertongue; let it be a simple name, that preferably, either has some resemblance to an english word, or, at least contains very few letters, that are not too complicated to learn. I'm sorry to say it, but I can't seem to find Schnippselchen (or many other apps from MyOwnApp (there, an english word!) to fit within that exception either...

Last but not least. Thanks for creating splendid applications!

YAY! New version has Sparkle! Many thanks to the dev :)

Any plans of changing its name to a more international one? I hate to say it, but Schnippselchen sounds like Klingon to me... : )

That is not to say that each language has their own unique qualities. For instance, me myself I'm from Sverige (<-- see what I mean?), but haven't we all come to accept english to be the lingua franca in global communication these days?

I am working on a solution (Script) do get the Update done automatically incl. a backup - I know that this is not "Mac-like" at the moment…

I hope to get this fixed soon and I backup for myslef the same way like junoonx…


To Bitnix: Wherever you store your data, be it the normal way or the portable way, data loss is likely in a crash, robbery etc. I feel that backup apps should be doing the task here, I know I have setup this app on my thumb drive which is backed up bi-weekly to my Macbook, which in turn is Time Machined weekly. Just do your due diligence and you'll be in a good shape if the worse does come to pass.

Looking good, thanks!

But to the developer:

About this portable way of saving data inside the application, as opposed to saving it the normal way (by means of some kind of separate file in the Application Support folder or similar)... I somehow sense there is a major risk that I will toss the whole application and replace it with new updates, when they are available...

I know, there is a red colored pdf file saying important (with capital letters and even three exclamation marks), but hey, when you're in a hurry, when you've consumed a couple too many beers, or likewise, the risk is perhaps that you loose your data.

I'd like to humbly ask you, if you would at least like to consider an alternative (conventional) way of saving the data to a stationary file. Thanks for making nice apps!