Version: 3.2 || Release Date: 2010-11-12 || License: Shareware ($14) Developer: Logan Collins | App Owner: sujay

Schoohouse is designed for students who need an easy, quick and powerful way to manage what they need to work on.

Great features like automatic grade calculation, smart criteria and file attachments make organizing your tasks simple.

Schoolhouse 3 builds on this by adding better customization, support for in-app websites, MobileMe syncing and more.

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This is definitely one of the nicest looking ones I've seen, but it's missing a few features that would be very useful to me, such as a progress indicator and consideration for exams/quizzes.

Poor poor poor. The application does not contain a manual, and from what I have experienced does not contain the grade calculator. It is very frustrating. If anyone knows how to use the calculator I would appreciate it.

More updatage! 3.x is a significant improvement, and no more weird crashing bugs. There are a few bugs, but it's great to see it being updated again, and with it being paid now, it'll probably get updates more quickly.

Worth the money, as it's still the best out there, and the developer has made a great tool. $14 isn't bad at all.

Schoolhouse 3 out today!
Unfortunately, it is now 14$ shareware.


I really like this app, but today after entering my assignments for several of my courses for the entire semester, schoolhouse CRASHED on me, and when I tried to reopen it, I kept getting the message "schoolhouse unexpectedly quit..." After trying a bunch of things, and restarting my computer multiple times, I gave up.

I do not want to use schoolhouse again If there is the possibility of losing hours of work inputting assignments again.

Does anyone know how to back up schoolhouse on an external hd?
(When I drag & drop it onto my hd, it only saves the application, not any of my own entries.)

The "schoolhouse help" says to "click on file, export", but there is no such thing as "export" under the file menu or any other menus.

I recently downloaded this app and it seems to be decent, but like someone said, the running in Rosetta is a pain and makes it run slowly. If there is enough interest, I'm considering developing my own application that would do this and be a universal binary and all of that good stuff. So if anyone is actually interested, I might start working on this while not at work...

Very good, but still has some bugs

perhaps to see iCal integration in the next release...

@Groxx, can you explain the work around for the "switching views" issue? It's really really annoying, and hasn't been fixed in the 2.2 update. Thanks!

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