Version: 3.2 || Release Date: 2010-11-12 || License: Shareware ($14) Developer: Logan Collins | App Owner: sujay

Schoohouse is designed for students who need an easy, quick and powerful way to manage what they need to work on.

Great features like automatic grade calculation, smart criteria and file attachments make organizing your tasks simple.

Schoolhouse 3 builds on this by adding better customization, support for in-app websites, MobileMe syncing and more.

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WOOO! New version!
Couple bugs exist from the previous version, but it hasn't crashed, and it's running at a normal speed now (Intel Mac with 10.5) :) Even with the bugs (switching views after certain actions), which have fairly easy workarounds, this is still by far my favorite app like this, on any system, any OS. Awesome program.

Now I can finally use this one my MacBook!

YES!! FINALLY an update!! updated the library just fine, no big issues, just my older semesters disappeared somehow, but I don't care, since my current one is good and I have backups of older ones. You cannot imagine how much I love this app, never gave up on it!

False. This app WOULD be incredibly helpful if development hadn't apparently completely stopped and this application no longer work under Leopard. I had heard a new version before Christmas but that didn't come. Is this project completely dead?

I'm going into high-school tomorrow and this app is going to be a big help!

The whole "run in Rosetta" thing is super annoying. It's apparent that the developer has abandoned this project. It's too bad he hasn't let it go open source because I would love to see this app at least keep pace with OS X.

I really love Schoolhouse!!
I wish I found this earlier...but I'm glad I ca use it for high school & college.

Anyone have alternatives for Schoolhouse? The combination of lack of updates and rosetta is not fairing well.


I have emailed the author a couple of times in the past few months and have not heard so much as one word from him. Real life obligations or not, this does not bode well for this project. If anyone has any suggestions for free (GPL or compatible, please, so that if the author decides to abandon the project we're not completely naffed) replacements, I would love to hear them.

Is this going to be updated soon? There's not been a response for a while, it doesn't work in Leopard and running it in Rosetta makes it slow, unresponsive and I often need to close it and open it again for simple changes like renaming Courses to show.

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