Version: 3.2 || Release Date: 2010-11-12 || License: Shareware ($14) Developer: Logan Collins | App Owner: sujay

Schoohouse is designed for students who need an easy, quick and powerful way to manage what they need to work on.

Great features like automatic grade calculation, smart criteria and file attachments make organizing your tasks simple.

Schoolhouse 3 builds on this by adding better customization, support for in-app websites, MobileMe syncing and more.

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Thanks so much for the Rosetta tip! As a college student, in terms of free software, Schoolhouse is in my top three, closely behind Firefox and VLC. It really is a wonderful program and I really felt quite lost without it. Can't wait for the next version!

It works under Leopard as long as you run it using Rosetta :)

Just ctrl-click and click on 'Get info'. You can check 'Open using rosetta' there.

Ok guys, I posted on my blog that I'm trying to get a fix going fast for the Leopard problem that's come up. In the meantime, someone pointed out that you can run Schoolhouse in Rosetta (by Get Info in the Finder on the app and selecting Rosetta), and then it should work for now. I've been swamped by schoolwork lately but I'm trying to get as much done in Schoolhouse as possible.

Mr logan .. i wold like to thank you for this program .

even that I'm trying to use it disparately :( because it freezes when i create a new semester and i must force quit it . :(

i'm using OS X 10.5.2 . and i think compatibility with this version is the problem
(i may share the same problem as xtremepado !! )

( i tried to remove it and install it many times but i still face the same freezing problem)

looking forward for the new version :)

thanks and regards

I am running os x 10.5.2 and i can download the program, but when I click anything, the app crashes and I have to force quit. Is there anything that can fix this?

Please, please Logan, release a bug fix! There are heaps of extremely annoying oddities that need to be resolved. Bring on Schoolhouse 3!

I love this program so much I even sent the dev $
What I can't wait for is the ability to print!
I was lucky enough to find this program at the beginning of school, and couldn't have gotten by without it!

I used this program last night, as I have for many months. It worked great, as usual. This morning, upon waking up to check my homework, it would not load. The program kept on quitting on itself. I tried redownloading, but to no avail. Any suggestions? I'm lost without my SchoolHouse!

I lived by Schoolhouse last semester, but for some reason it isn't working at all anymore. I even tried re-downloading it. Perhaps there was an update for 10.4 that caused this, but it's more than unfortunate!

I am sorry to report that it is not usable in its state for me on iMac Alu 2.0Ghz running 10.5.1.
Too many bugs in ther interface make it unusable for me and the current version is flaky and unstable on my machine, so I don't want to trust it with all my data. Eagerly awaiting Schoolhouse 3 because the app shows promise. Can Logan chime in and give us a rough idea of release date?

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