Version: 3.2 || Release Date: 2010-11-12 || License: Shareware ($14) Developer: Logan Collins | App Owner: sujay

Schoohouse is designed for students who need an easy, quick and powerful way to manage what they need to work on.

Great features like automatic grade calculation, smart criteria and file attachments make organizing your tasks simple.

Schoolhouse 3 builds on this by adding better customization, support for in-app websites, MobileMe syncing and more.

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This app is amazing. When I first saw it, it only seemed like an assignment book, but if you dig in (to the title bar), you will find many great features. It is a great app, and I am recommending it to all my classmates! Thanks!

Very nice. It would be great if I could enter courses that have different schedules; i.e. half-semester, 3 Wednesdays, all semester plus 5 Saturdays... .

Fantastic program! I use it for every class except calculus, where it's just to hard to do graphs, super/subscript, etc. within the notes. Love being able to keep track of weighted grades throughout the semester, love keeping track of assignments. Haven't made use of collaboration yet.

I have used a handful of other college-oriented programs and found them either lacking or overly complex. This fits my work style perfectly.

A few quirks I would like to see changed:
- for projects with multiple tasks with multiple due dates, I'd like to see reminders for each task rather than just the final due date. Maybe the functionality is there and I just haven't figured out how to use it?
- Rather than just priority, I'd like to have a column describing the type of assignment/note, i.e. HW for homework assignments, RD for reading assignments, LEC for lecture notes, TXT for textbook notes, etc.
- I'd like to see a week tracker in the calendar. Many professors keep the same syllabus term after term and don't put dates in, just the weeks. So if there is an exam on Wednesday of week 14, I'd rather see the week rather than figure it out on my own (yeah, I'm lazy...)

Running on a Santa Rosa MBP, 10.4.11 (upgrading to 10.5 this week), absolutely no bugs!

For the Leopard bugs, I'm working on a quick update to fix some of them hopefully. As for Schoolhouse 3, it's in development right now. I've been busy with class lately, so I haven't had as much time as I would like to devote to it, but I'm still working on it.

@Logan: I've encountered some minor bugs with Schoolhouse 2.1 in Leopard (when I scroll with the scroll-thingy on the mouse, the interface messes up) but I'm looking forward to Schoolhouse 3. When is it coming????????!!!!!!

I loved this application its really useful for almost any student.

It's Logan, the developer. As far as I can tell, Schoolhouse 2 is completely compatible with Leopard. Now Schoolhouse 3...will be VERY compatible with Leopard. Hint, hint.

I lloooovvee this program. I use it every single class day. It's excellent and I've really noticed an increase in productivity. I've turned in every single assignment I've been given because of this program. It's a constant reminder. I would donate a semester's cost if I could to the developer.

Is this going to be compatible with Leopard? I don't know how long I could last living without it :-( .

I absolutely cannot praise this software enough. It's essential to my studies.
Please continue development hope it's all good for leopard!

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