Version: 0.8.2 || Release Date: 2010-02-17 || License: Other Open Source Developer: cmp, jp, sussman | App Owner: nibbler

SCPlugin integrates Subversion into the Mac OS X finder.

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Unfortunately this project has not been maintained very well, the current stable release is nigh unusable on Snow Leopard. A brilliant idea to bring the TortoiseSVN UI paradigm to Mac OS X though. Right now I am just using the command line client. For free alternative GUI I suggest the subpar SvnX... if you want to pay, try Versions or Cornerstone.

Anybody willing to hack up something similar for git/GitX?

Hurray! Version 0.7 is awesome. Finally, a decent subversion client for mac that is SIMPLE.

Try this out today if you need to use SVN on a mac.

Yeah, I really wish this project would get some progress. Mac OS X really needs a decent subversion client. svnX is a terrible ui.

What I need.. right click on a file... get version history. Diff 2 versions. Its sad to have to open up parallels to do this...

Diffly is really great for diffing the working copy. Just need my other use case (diffing 2 arbitrary revisions of a file) and I'll be happy.

I look forward to a usable Mac TortoiseSVN clone. Unfortunately, it doesn't work very well yet. Still using svnX.

Very nice! As a TortoiseSVN user I appreciate the effort to bring the plugin paradigm to the mac.
I can't grade the latest version yet as I haven't used it enough, but so far so good.