Version: 4.0.2 || Release Date: 2006-07-11 || License: GPL App Owner: keltia

Screen creates virtual screen in a single terminal instance. The ability to detach then re-attach a given session makes it unique for mobile users.

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screen + visor = love

Mad props. This is the uber-1337 way to get a "tabbed" Terminal.
When my WiFi is acting up and none of my GUI browsers are working, I use screen to set up "tabbed browsing" sessions with lynx.

Awesome app, I've been using it for over a decade now and it's an indispensible tool in my aresenal.

Before you go wandering off into Google to find the keyboard shortcuts;

are the shortcuts. In short (case matters here);

CTRL + A and c: Create new screen
CTRL + A and n/p: next / previous screen
CTRL + A and k: Kill screen
CTRL + A and S: split screen

Great application, use it on any machine I come across!