Screen Calipers

Version: 4 || Release Date: 2007-02-08 || License: Shareware (29.50) Developer: Iconico, Inc. | App Owner: fluidmindorg

A set of calipers that floats above any other application so you can measure anything on your screen. The Screen Calipers have a unique advantage over other on screen rulers due to their unique shape. Pixel-perfect accuracy is ensured every time simply by aligning the Screen Caliper's ruler points around an object.

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Oh, I just saw this app on another screen-ruler entry, and it looks good:

I particularly like the grouping capability. VERY useful for some applications.

Jeezaloo... $30 for calipers? Don't they know that the Art Director's Toolkit that COMES with OSX has a measuring device in it?

Oh, you have to pay to be able to rotate it. Wow. Just stretch the ADT ruler edges. It measures the diagonal distance, AND tells you the angle. I officially can't see a use for this program. Ever.
Try it. Pop open the ruler, change it to measure pixels, line up the edges, and viola. Horizontal and vertical alighment in a snap, with a cleaner interface, and for free. True, there's no compass... but hell, I could probably code something like this in approximately zero time flat. The skinnable interface would be trickier, but that shouldn't be the selling point of an app anyway.

After poking around on the site a bit, I have to admit they do have some good tools... but the prices are flat out rediculous. All 3 combined might be worth the money. They'd probably sell more if they sold all 3 at $20 (then people who needed to measure things actually WOULD buy it, instead of just the (evidently) stupid ones).

Don't know how many of you know Anyway, they have the possibility to "Blam!" a submission. If there are enough Blam's, the submission gets dropped.

In the light of this, I think iusethis should have an counterpart to the <3 - Button.

The authors apparently don't believe the price is a joke, but it is a particularly shocking example of the pecuniary obsession and absurd greed of so many OS X developers that in my opinion detracts greatly from the enjoyability of the platform. Note that the $30 is only for the calipers—the calipers, a protractor, and a compass cost $74! I hope I am missing some fine print somewhere that acknowledges that this is a joke and they are actually donating the proceeds to the FSF or some similar organisation.

I'm afraid I wouldn't be terribly surprised if there is someone on the Internet who is trying to sell a Hello World! application for OS X.

That price tag is a joke, right?