Version: 2.6.5 || Release Date: 2015-06-28 || License: Commercial with demo ($29) Developer: Araelium Group | App Owner: sethwillits

Screenflick features high performance screen capturing for smooth, fluid motion up to 60fps. Audio can come from internal or external mic, or the system audio. An excellent utility for software screencasters and software trainers, Screenflick offers the ability to display keyboard commands, and highlights mouse clicks to better communicate which actions are being performed during screen recording.

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3 Opinions

Easy to use and efficient. Like gnurf, I'm recording gameplay with this application and this application never causes problems or slows down the game. I tried other programs - commercial ones - that didn't run as good by far.
Also, the support is really helpful!

Lightweight and efficient. I use it to capture game movies now and then, and it doesn't bog down the system like I'm used to apps of this sort doing.

The name of this application has changed to "Screenflick"