Version: 5.0.2 || Release Date: 2015-06-18 || License: Commercial with demo ($99) Developer: Telestream, Inc. | App Owner: factoryjoe

Record. Edit. Share.

With ScreenFlow screencasting software, you can capture the contents of your entire desktop at the same time as your video camera, microphone and computer's audio. Sophisticated editing tools allow you to create incredible screencasts in no time.The finished result is a QuickTime or Windows Media movie, ready for publishing to your website or blog.

Feature Highlights

  • Record from desktop, a video camera, microphone & computer's audio all at the same time
  • Highlight using 'Callouts'
  • Elegant titling effects
  • Powerful editing tools
  • Highest quality exporting
  • Customize your cursor
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Position video in 3D
  • And much more...

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17 Opinions

Always records the whole screen (allows to crop afterwards).
I would prefer to define which part of the screen I want to be recorded and get the resulting movie at the end of the recording without further post-processing, it would be faster and use less space on the hard drive.

Lo mejor!!! Pues anda que no me ahorra trabajo y horas....

Great app allows you to have a talking head in the corner of your screencast, but I miss the ability to record only part of the screen (ala Snapz Pro X)

To bob1601, Jing is a nifty little app, but ScreenFlow is a totally different animal. Jing has a 5-minute limit and no editing. ScreenFlow has a great editing timeline and all kinds of amazing zoom, mouse hilighting, and other features that make it a good choice for more professional results. I had a few crashes (a couple of versions ago) when I tried it, but it's the best thing around for easily making a great looking screencast.

i use jing. Its free and brilliant. Very lightweight as well.... try it out...

This app is so awesome! This is the best screenrecord app. It's very flixeble and has a little video editor on board.

The dev gives quick responce to email. Highly recommend.

been using since it came out and it rocks. It would rock so much more if it had basic title, text and annotation support.

The only thing that I see missing in this fantastic software is the ability to add text to the screencast. Besides that, it is perfect


Best screen capturing app hands down.

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