Version: 1.3.3 || Release Date: 2010-09-08 || License: Shareware ($20) Developer: Synium Software GmbH | App Owner: brandon_c

advanced screen recording application

Make live movies (screencasts) of your Mac's screen… capture everything that's happening there, including mouse pointer, selections and movements in real-time.

With on-the-fly voice recordings, you can easily describe what you are doing on-screen. Simply use the built-in microphone or any external audio source or input device connected to your Mac.

You can actually capture 'movie-in-movie': Screenium records your screen just like it is — including ongoing video playback in multiple windows.

  • tuitive handling and fully keyboard-controllable
  • ean and uncluttered user interface
  • me-delayed recording (configurable)
  • ynchronous capturing for enhanced recording quality
  • Single Window, Fixed Rect and Full Screen recording
  • Mouse Area (capture follows your mouse pointer)
  • optional Mouse pointer capturing (your mouse pointer will be visibly recorded — ideal for documentation and support!)
  • configurable video quality and compression settings for professional grade results
  • true multi-channel audio recording
  • external USB and Firewire audio devices are supported
  • configurable audio quality and compression settings for professional grade results
  • ...or simply rely upon our various predefined settings for a broad choice of recording situations

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3 Opinions

It's a great alternative to Screenflow. Many fantastic features and works fine.

so greatttttt!!!!!!!!!