Screen Mimic

Version: 2.0.7 || Release Date: 2007-07-08 || License: Commercial with demo ($64.95) Developer: Lee Falin | App Owner: leefalin

Screen Mimic allows you to create screencasts (recordings of your Mac OS X desktop) that can be saved as Adobe Flash (SWF), Flash Video (FLV), or Quicktime (MOV) files. These files can be easily uploaded to a website, used in a kiosk system, and many other applications.

Screen Mimic is a great tool for creating screen recordings, flash demos, software training videos, application demos, and more.

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2 Opinions

It uses several compression techniqiues that are part of the flash codec to provide optimization.

Hmm, flash saving... does this mean it optimizes for Flash? A HUGE amount of space could be saved that way.