Version: 1.2.2 || Release Date: 2008-08-06 || License: Shareware ($19.95) Developer: Atebits | App Owner: synaesthesia

Scribbles is a simple, fun mac drawing/sketching application. It features an infinite canvas and easy and intuitive controls.

Try it for free as long as you like, then buy for only $19.95

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6 Opinions

a great bit of software! really simple and elegant.

Stunningly simple and elegant.

the amiga version of this was so sexy as well

Great thing is you can try it forever for free!

paint is nothing compared to this. i think the price is a little too much only for some eye candy

I really like this little program, which got released today (December 4 2007). It's an application that could only ever be made on a mac. It's like a 21st century version of Paint!