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Scrivener is a project management tool for writers that acts like your own little writing shed at the bottom of the garden, where you have cork notice-boards, ring-binders, photos, clippings paperclipped to jottings, notebooks and reams of typewritten pages piling up - along with a secretary who keeps it all in neat piles and uses his speed-reading skills to find what you need as soon as you need it.

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Amazing. The best writing program that I've ever seen for large writing projects. Writing a book, a manual, or all of the copy for a website? For any writing that you are going to spend a significant time on one project (say 100+ hours) you will benefit from Scrivener. In fact, even a writing project of only 10+ hours will start to see benefits.

Love the full screen view.

Can't wait for iCloud synchronisation integration and built-in Markdown preview!

I really love Scrivener, but I am able to get a lot of use out of it. Scrivener has no comparison to me for blogging. its clipper is a great tool to save those random gems from across the web in a central location, even giving you the option of adding them directly to a project. It is the organizational elements that make Scrivener so special. If you have no need for all the bells and whistles then a different word processor would be better because it takes a while to learn all of the controls

Part of the reason I got a Mac in the first place. My ideas are so organised now I'm actually working on implementation :)

The forthcoming 2.0 version has some interface improvements I'm really looking forward to.

This is really an advance over the now-traditional word processor for producing long documents. By breaking the one-document-per-document paradigm, Scrivener allows you reorder your work easily. You can view your writing project's many pieces in different combinations by way of the clever Edit Scrivenings feature and get a good overview in both the outliner and corkboard views. Split screens allow you to write while referring to another document - all within the application. My current book project would be a mess without it.

Just wonderful - actual writing always at the fore. Gets clutter out of the way of your working, lets you annotate, outline, reorganize in a way that is modal enough that you can stay focused on structure, then zoom back in to the detail you need. A fluid tool for writers - wish I had it years ago.

The greatest thing ever created. Breaks with the single document word processor paradigm & lets you work easily with a non-linear writing process. Better than everything else in the known universe.

I've wandered over here from Avenir and Ulysses and CopyWrite. I'm evaluating it with Sente to handle footnotes, and the only thing I'm wishing for is integration with WriteRoom, my familiar full-screen editor.

Farewell OmniOutlinerPro. Scrivener's great strength is that it lets you take an existing manuscript, break it apart into chunks--into an outline form, more or less--and then put it back together. Without the hideously clutterful interface of some other programs...

Oh this is gaining so much ground on me... nothing else I've tried comes near this writing tool.

Surely, there is quite a saturated competition, with a bunch of similar tools, with similar concepts. But I find Scrivener to have the best vibe going on.

I like how you can tailor it to your specific writing style; i.e. it isn't particularly geared for screenwriting only, and it has a certain refreshing, 'generic' and universal feel to it.

If you're a, say, journalist, you can easily customize it for those needs. Likewise, for just about any field of application.

For the longest time I was using StoryMill and DevonThink Pro to manage both the research and the production aspect of writing fiction... until Scrivener fell into my lap. Everything gets loaded into one document, and I love the fact that I can write scene by scene without having to think about things linearly. Can't live without this app anymore. I love it.

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