Version: 2.0.4 || Release Date: 2011-02-11 || License: Shareware ($34.99) Developer: Literature & Latte | App Owner: piita

Scrivener is a project management tool for writers that acts like your own little writing shed at the bottom of the garden, where you have cork notice-boards, ring-binders, photos, clippings paperclipped to jottings, notebooks and reams of typewritten pages piling up - along with a secretary who keeps it all in neat piles and uses his speed-reading skills to find what you need as soon as you need it.

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Ahhh, this is writing bliss. No worrying about formatting or page breaks, or keeping up with hundreds of toolbar buttons you'll never use. Just a nice, slick fullscreen writing mode with no interruptions, an intuitive organizational structure, and a nice looking UI on top. Definitely the first choice in any writing I do, and one of the few apps I was more than happy to pay for!

Scrivener is just the most fantastic writing app. The right balance of research management and writing structuring, with a UI that is always helpful, never in the way. It appears Zen-like simple, but one can dig deep. 1.1 is a fantastic update, with hundreds of tweaks and features to hone the writing experience. I just wish there was a Windows version I could give as presents to my writing friends (I'd get them Macbooks+Scrivener, but that may sting my pockets ;-)

This update raises the bar even higher for how fantastic a writing application can be. I'll reiterate that this is one of those apps. that it's worth buying a Mac just to use. Simply superb.

Fantastic tool, clearly designed by and for writers. Start to finish, notes to final draft, Scrivener falls right in with the Mac mantra: it just works.

Scrivener, to me, is one of those apps. that are worth buying a Mac just to be able to use (right up there with TextMate, Quicksilver, and NetNewsWire). Simply brilliant and it keeps getting better with every new release. The current Beta is pure gold.

A very good idea that has been implemented in a simple, functional and well-rounded text editor. No match with MS Word for essay writing.

A few minor bugs and 'idiosyncrasies' are sometime annoying but don't spoil the overall quality of the app.

It combines the (for me) best features of Ulysses, DevonThink and OmniOutliner. Nice tool if you need to have your research materials close by while writing and compiling your texts. Very cool!

This is an absolutely marvelous application. I spend hours every day in it and love it.

Screenshot is just a cluttered version of the full screen mode and you really need to try this app to believe it. It's amazing, give beta 5 a download!

Loving the beta. This is everything I had hoped CopyWrite would be.

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