Version: 0.7.1 || Release Date: 2011-04-24 || License: Freeware Developer: Ben Gummer | App Owner: beng

ScrobblePod is a music scrobbler for It manages every song you play in iTunes and on your iPod.

When you listen to music on your iPod and in iTunes, songs are often scrobbled in the wrong order.

ScrobblePod fixes this by queueing your songs for scrobbling, until your iPod is plugged in.

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This currently makes my Mac hang every few tracks/scrobbles.

I am starting to like this app alot. Simple. Does the job cleanly. No fuss.

Nice little app, but how do you get it to scrobble iPod tracks after listening to iTunes? Is that the "Force Srobble" feature.

For the most part it works nicely, but this thing has got to have a memory leak. There's no way it could need 200+ MB of real memory.

I also am having a problem with my iPod Nano (1st gen). It's connected, console shows scrobblepod seeing it mount... but no scrobbles. anyone else?

This is a very promising beta version. The developer is responsive to user feedback (and documentation is coming). Definitely an app worth watching if you use an iPod and

I really miss a decent productmanual here. Or either i'm really stupid :p
I installed ScrobblePod. When i connect my iPod (Nano, not that it matters), ScrobblePod stays on 'Idle'. Any ideas how that come's? I don't need it to scrobble iTunes tracks, that does the program itself. I just need it to load the songs i listened to on my bike or so.
Any ideas how i can get it to work? Thanks!

ecable: scrobblepod posts the tracks that you have played on your ipod when you plug it in to the computer. it also posts tracks played in itunes as soon as they are played.

I am still confused as to how this scrobbles iPod tracks ^^/ iPods aren't wireless enabled, unless this requires some esoteric hardware accessory or something...

What's the difference to iScrobbler (which submits iPod tracks just fine)?

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