Version: 0.7.1 || Release Date: 2011-04-24 || License: Freeware Developer: Ben Gummer | App Owner: beng

ScrobblePod is a music scrobbler for It manages every song you play in iTunes and on your iPod.

When you listen to music on your iPod and in iTunes, songs are often scrobbled in the wrong order.

ScrobblePod fixes this by queueing your songs for scrobbling, until your iPod is plugged in.

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It appears that a new developer has taken over and ScrobblePod is being updated again:

Still works but it's practically Abandonware now. The developer's website's been offline for months.

it seems to be working with snow leopard now.

Partially broken in Snow Leopard and the developer no longer has time to work on it :(

This is the best app ever, but Snow Leopard seems to have broken it. :(

@minitechnik Scrobblepod works perfectly for me with 8.2

btw. it seems scrobblepod broke with itunes 8.2. probably to do with access of the xml or something..

this is the app that helped me to do what i wanted to do with i'd recommend it to everyone, if only i could recommend while it was a great way to have access to stuff you didnt even know it's reduced to the sharing of your personal charts. since CBS sucks so much of the power had, i'll stick with independent ways to do this task with my friends from now on. thanks!

I've gotten to prefer this to iScrobbler, except that it doesn't support radio like iScrobbler does.


So much better than the official client or iscrobbler!

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