Version: 1.2.6 || Release Date: 2009-02-03 || License: Shareware (Donation) Developer: Limit Point | App Owner: el_cravito

Seatubes makes it easy to batch download YouTube videos to your Mac as FLV files. Simply drag video URLs (and only video URLs) into a documents list view, then click the "Download" button.
Seatubes is a multi-window (or multi-document) application. You can associate different windows with independent collections of videos, and save them to disk for future use.
Once you download your videos you can use our AddMovie utility to convert FLV files to other formats, such as MPEG-4, to put them on other devices. To do that, or to view FLV files on your Mac, you need to install the Perian Quicktime Components (

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With one single donation to Limit Point Sofware, you'll get a licence for all utilities from this developer: Seatubes, AddMovie, TransformMovie, MovieDek, PFDDek, ImgCvrt, Miana, etc., etc., etc.
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I made a mistake when I registered this application in I Use This:
Seatubes is not freeware. It's donationware.
(Mea culpa...)