Version: 1.0.6 || Release Date: 2009-09-24 || License: Freeware Developer: Alcor | App Owner: cbv

Secrets is free system preference pane for Leopard only, that allows you to change / customize hidden settings for your system and most applications.

The website features a comprehensive list of user defaults that you can download.

NOTE: Secrets is BETA and many of the options can harm your system if used improperly.

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has this effects anyone's color for the Finder windows? like you know at the top it's a dark grey. well for some reason mine is now a lighter grey. has this happened to anyone else while using this app?

Much more convenient than OnyX for these sorts of things.

It tries to acquire from the web the updated list of secret preferences on every launch, and when the site is down, you can't use this prefpane, the list you can see in the screenshot is just empty... And the site has been down (AFAIK without interruption) for 2 months.

As with Quicksilver, it looks like Blacktree projects have stopped completely.

Go to for the latest version. (At the time of writing it is 1.0b14)

Yes, it's Leopard only. Sorry.
I moved the notice to the top of the description.

Oh, didn;t see the NOTE:, sorry

Crashes in Tiger. I suppose it's Leopard only