Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2008-02-27 || License: Freeware App Owner: easyldur

This little app accesses the motion sensors of the newest Powerbooks and MacBooks and visualize the movement on three graphs, working just like a seismograph. Totally useless, unless you live in Los Angeles or Tokyo, but funny.

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@jeffrey: there's a calibrating app now: seismacalibrate

Pure geek fun. I love just having it up while I type.

Also not useless on a plane... you can see the turbulence on the Z axis and sometimes the X as well. Turns also show up on X. hopefully you never see too much on Y. I wish it could be calibrated and read out actual G values (besides the axes of course). Even though it doesn't do a lot that's useful it is still fun.